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Future-Proof Your Skills

Get a promotion, ask for a new position or completely change your career – it’s up to you. Our Applied Data Science and Software Engineering with Python boot camps will equip you with the technical skills and the soft skills needed to reach new career heights and achieve your goals. 

AI is no longer the future, it's the present. Software is becoming ever more present in our lives. Future-proof your skills and become competitive in the digital age. Stand out from the crowd by completing the technical modules, team projects, and soft skills sessions in our bootcamps. 

Become The Most Wanted Hire

Expertly negotiate and market yourself to obtain the desired position, promotion, or job and become the most hireable person in the room. Gain the needed soft skills through our CV and LinkedIn clinic, mock interviews, and career orientation programs. 

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Applied Data Science
Boot Camp

3-months, 2 x 2.5h sessions per week, instructor-led

Commencing on 

1st of March 2022

Was EUR 595

Now EUR 300

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Software Engineering with Python Boot Camp

3-months, 2 x 2.5h sessions per week, instructor-led

Commencing on 

1st of March 2022

Was EUR 595

Now EUR 300

24/7 Mentoring

We know how hard it is to learn a new skill or master a subject, that is why our trainers and instructors will guide you through all our materials and projects. 

We support you to get the most out of our boot camps through ad-hoc one-to-one sessions, study groups, and much more.

Our instructors and trainers are here to help make the most out of our Applied Data Science and Software Engineering with Python Boot Camps. 

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Find your dream role

Worried about your next role?

We've all been there. We know your struggle to find your dream role. That is why we are committed to helping you find a new role. 

Together with our partners, hiring managers, and IT recruiters we strive to find the best career opportunities that match your desires, needs, and skills.

Book your place at our Applied Data Science or Software Engineering with Python Boot Camps and get access to hiring opportunities from day 1.

90% of our graduates found a new role within 1-month from graduation.

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What do people say?
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Bogdan T.
Apr 2021 Cohort

For me the course was a place to improve my Python and ML knowledge in a relaxing way, and at the same time, I was able to improve on a personal side thanks to the instructors’ professionalism and experience.

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Iulia A.
Apr 2021 Cohort

The course helped me understand things that are happening around me, where I want to work and what position I want to be in. The structure is very well-defined, the explanations and presentations were extremely nice, insightful and in a friendly manner. I like that they promote teamwork and forming an intuition about computer science and machine learning alike

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Ionut B.
Apr 2021 Cohort

The course was very interesting, the Python part was extremely good and not so easy for someone just starting to learn Python. The data structures and algorithmic side of the course was a lot to take in, but extremely helpful. When it comes to ML, it's a very good thing that we're first learning about the theoretical side of a specific model, how it works, what it entails, and only after we understood it, we actually go ahead and make use of it. For me this was a huge help, thanks to CMI I got my first internship in Data Science.

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Nataly L.
Apr 2021 Cohort

The course from CMI helped figure out what I wanted to do. In my opinion this is a course accessible for any person. I started this course without any prior knowledge of Python or ML. Throughout the whole course I was always helped by the guys from CMI to understand and learn all the concepts. This course comes in stages, it teaches you from scratch, and the notions were explained in detail. In short, this course made me realize I want to become a Python developer and I made it even before I finished it. Keep it up!

Get Hired And We Refund You

We want you to become the best version of yourself.


That is why we will give you a 50% refund* if you get hired during any of our boot camps.

But that's not all. We will still give you a 25% refund* if you get hired within 3-months of graduating from any of our boot camps.


If that is not enough, we give you a full refund if you change your mind in the first 5 days from the start of our boot camps, no questions asked.

* the refund applies if you get hired by one of our hiring partners or IT recruiters

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Build A Strong Brand

Become a top professional with an amazing online presence

Recruiters and hiring managers are bombarded with CVs and requests. Social media only accentuated this trend. 

Be in the spotlight with the help of our HR and IT recruiters which will help you create an awesome CV, LinkedIn profile, and personal brand.

Plus, with our mock interviews, we make sure that no hiring manager will get a chance to catch you off-side.

Do you want to be a Software Engineer or a Data Scientist? It doesn't matter. All our programmes come with full support to help you become the most wanted hire.

Build A Killer Portfolio

Showcase your work to potential employers

Knowledge is great, but to strive as an engineer you also need practice.

During our boot camps, you will work individually or in groups to complete two projects covering the full life cycle of a software application or data science solution.

We want you to build relevant, marketable skills ASAP. That is why we partner with different organisations to give you the chance to work on real-life software applications or data science solutions from the get go. 

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Become A Lifetime Member Of Our Community

Your learning doesn't stop when you graduate. 

After the successful completion of our Applied Data Science or Software Engineering with Python Boot Camps, you become a lifetime member of our community and gain access to mentoring from our alumni and instructors and discounted tickets to all our future events, self-paced courses, and boot camps.

And that is not all! You also get a chance to take part in our own research projects to keep developing your skills.

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Applied Data Science
Boot Camp

3-months, 2 x 2.5h sessions per week, instructor-led

Commencing on 

1st of March 2022

Limited offer

EUR 300

Image by Fatos Bytyqi

Software Engineering with Python Boot Camp

3-months, 2 x 2.5h sessions per week, instructor-led

Commencing on 

1st of March 2022

Limited offer

EUR 300


Why are these bootcamps relevant today?

Data is everywhere. As organisations collect more data, the need to automatically extract insights and formulate strategies will increase. Across industries from IT and software services to industrial organisations, everyone is moving to build sustainable in-house data science and machine learning teams in a market where talent is not enough to go around.

What are the professional backgrounds of bootcamp students?

Students usually have a varied background, but they all share one common trait: They are passionate about launching or advancing their career in data science, machine learning, or software development.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for the successfull completion of the course. Our trainers are experts in the field and authorised to teach the subjects covered in our bootcamps.

In what language are programmes taught?

Our programmes are taught both in Romanian and English, depending on the cohort you register in. Contact our admissions officers to find out more.

Are there any discounts?

We offer two discounts, based on your performance during and after the course. You will receive a 50% refund if you get hired by one of our hiring partners during the Bootcamp and a 25% discount if you get hired by one of our hiring partners within 3 months following the completion of our Bootcamp. 

Who are our hiring partners?

We continually add new hiring partners to our list. At the moment we work with both recruitment agencies and individual IT recruiters with roles available within established businesses and start-ups.

How many people got hired so far?

After our first Bootcamp, 90% of the participants managed to secure a new role or to advance their careers within Data Science or Software Engineering roles.

What happens after I complete a Bootcamp?

Upon completion of one of our Bootcamps, you automatically get a life-long membership to the CMI AI/ML community, early-bird access to all our future events, Bootcamps, and self-paced courses. Additionally, we will recommend you to all our hiring partners for different Data Science or Software Engineering roles and you can join our research groups to develop new and innovative models or applications for predicting, understanding, and simulating human behaviour.

What's included in our Bootcamps?

All our Bootcamps have a rigorous curriculum, created to prepare you for the next step in your career. More, you get 2 x 2.5 hours of live instruction every week (online), 2 x real-life, supervised projects for your Github portfolio, a free CV + LinkedIn clinic to improve your online brand, 1 mock interview to prepare you for your next job interview, and life-long mentorship from our instructors, alumni, and collaborators.

How much does it cost?

We offer two payment plans. If you pay for your Bootcamp in advance, you only pay EUR 300 for the whole course. Alternatively, you can opt for paying 3 monthly instalments of EUR 135, each.

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